New version launched

Color Scheme Designer is now! The public beta has been launched here with many new features. Additionaly, this blog is going to its end, we will prefer social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+ for future communication.

3 Responses to “New version launched”

  1. Garry writes:

    The new paletton is great! One suggestion. The color scheme allows one click to switch patterns (mono, complement, triad, etc) while paletton requires 2 clicks and I have to reorient each time I click to open the list. I suggest you use the previous method. Other than that, paletton is great. Nice job!

  2. Neil writes:

    I see no reason for you stop blogging. Why build on someone else’s land (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)? Who knows what will happen to those networks in the future?
    It’s far better to bring traffic to your domain and blog than to move it somwhere you have no control whatsoever.

    Apart from the that, I love the colour tools.

  3. Jasmine writes:

    It is great to see the new paletton! It is very well done, the incorporation of the saturation/brightness controls with the hue picker is just plain excellent.

    Very sad to hear the blog will be ending though. Unless managed properly and with a diligent eye to privacy settings, I find the quality of messages on social media from companies to be considerably degraded.. their permanence and search-ability generally disappoint and limit themselves to standard posts that can fit across all channels. I can see how the movie would make things easier on you though, so good luck! :) Please provide copious amounts of links on your old channels like here to forward people who may stumble in.

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