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New version launched

Color Scheme Designer is now! The public beta has been launched here with many new features. Additionaly, this blog is going to its end, we will prefer social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+ for future communication.

Going on, though

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported our Kickstarter project. Although the project didn’t succeed, we don’t give up and the development goes on. Much more slowly, indeed, but the code of the new web application grows every week. We’d like to present (perhaps a limited yet) beta version this fall, and the widget […]

New Version Development Restarted!

Well, it’s been more than a year I promised the new ColorSchemeDesigner. My job duties couldn’t wait and there was absolutely no time to start. However, things has to be done, so I’d like to announce the next version of the application is really and finally under development. Some important things I’m planning: Brand new and […]

Alas, New Version Delayed

Well, things aren’t going as fast as I wish. I’ve been too busy during the Summer and the next version with the public API is significantly delayed. Big appology to everyone waiting for it. However, I decided to make at least a subversion with some hopefully useful improvements. The main feature you might like is […]

New Version Under Development

Finally, we’re working on the next version of Color Scheme Designer (CSD) and preparing many major improvements. There will be a brand new API allowing you to use CSD as a widget within your own web sites, call server queries, and much more. We’re also going to create downloadable versions of CSD: for Windows, Mac […]