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New version launched

Color Scheme Designer is now! The public beta has been launched here with many new features. Additionaly, this blog is going to its end, we will prefer social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+ for future communication.

Minor Fix

Fixed: RAL color space removed on RAL GmBH request.

Minor Update: Version 3.51

Minor update to version 3.51 Fixed: Pantone™ color space removed on Pantone LLC request. Fixed: Opaltone® color space added on request.

Major Update: Version 3.5

Updated to version 3.5. List of changes: New: WebColors, Pantone™ and RAL™ color spaces support. New: A button to switch to the opposite hue was added. Fixed: Menu slightly changed, minor UI improvements. Fixed: Tooltips now work for menu items, too. New: The appliction core is completely rewritten to support new controls and widgets in […]

Major Update: Version 3.1

Version 3.1, a major update. List of changes and features: New: Adjust variants. Each color shade in the palette can be now individually edited. New: The palette IDs additionaly support values of individual color adjustments. The backward compatibility of previously generated IDs is granted. New: Menu. All supporting functions were gathered to the new application […]

Minor Update: Version 3.01

Fixed: Updated randomize function, randomize settings added. Fixed: Contrast of the UI slightly increased.

Major Release: Color Scheme Designer v. 3

A brand new interface, as well as the engine, all rewritten from the scratch. Rapidly increased precision and color space conversions, better preview, enhanced scheme creation system, unique scheme IDs and permanent URL of the scheme. Note: MSIE 6 is no more supported since this version. If you are still using MSIE 6, try the previous […]